Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Stitch Happy Grow Happy

Grow Happy mixed media artist book
Just went to town on making these four panels chock full of color and texture. The guiding principal was exuberance - and an excuse to sew myself silly. Seriously, I find needlework to be meditative with the kantha stitch (those parallel rows of straight stitch) bringing on a state of a zen.

Grow Happy mixed media artist book, detail

Each page of this accordion folded book is 6" x 6" so it stretches out to 24". Of course it would show best displayed on a table or shelf. (Doubt not - the backside is gently decorated too.) And the covers are sturdy textured and painted mat board.

Grow Happy mixed media artist book, backside

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

You Had Me At Taffeta

Taffeta, mixed media journal page
In case the world really does end soon (say November 8, 2016), why wait any longer to pry open my vault of precious vintage ephemera.  And throw in a sense of humor while I'm at it because my default is to take things way too seriously.

Since this is an experiment it's headed for the art journal, but I can see possible a whole artist's book full of irreverence and just maybe a little piquancy.

My aim, my technique: play off a found image (old or new, such as from a magazine, catalog, etc.) with fabric scraps, stitching (machine or hand, usually both), buttons and/or beads, and layered onto a painted background (book pages being a personal fave).

Alternate title: Hand-Smocked, Bitches!  

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Spoiler Alert! Cute Baby

Embroidered Photo Baby M
I'm a sucker for cute kids, ditto little furry animals. Got lucky with a friend's willingness to let me embroider a smartphone pic of her little sprout. It's to showcase customized embroidered photos I'm offering in my Etsy shop, PegasaurusArt.

Embroidered Photo Baby M, detail
Tried to keep it simple with first an edit on Snapseed, playing with filters and bleaching out color. Then on to the box of scraps to see which fabrics played well together with my theme (kid's an angel, of course). The rest was simple hand stitching and beading to complement the overall look.

The finished size is 5" x 7" so it easily fits off the shelf frames.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Own It

Crone, mixed media journal page
All right, Ladies, no weepy woe-is-me-I'm-showing-my-age monologue. This is for those who take the passing decades with a grain of salt and maybe a shot or two. Yep, skin wrinkles and weight accumulates...if you're lucky to live that long! So rock the gallows humor already.
I'm not quite at Crone-hood yet but I will relish a good cackle now.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016


Midnight Oasis, mixed-media journal page
This began very tidily on another background but geez, it was static. Wanted to banish the damned thing from sight and drown my sorrows in Netflix. BUT (you know something's coming) instead I flew into a snit - grabbed the scissors, a used envelope, and the sewing machine and just. went. to. town. Whether it's fabulous or not isn't the issue at this point (though I do likes it much better) as a good deal of satisfaction can be derived from clawing a 'fail' to near shreds and reassembling it as a cuter Frankenstein.

Monday, April 4, 2016

For The Other 364 Days

Mixed Media Copper Foil Vintage Paper Heart Ornament
I'm counting on folks liking hearts before and after Valentine's Day. So technically I'm neither late nor early. Romance now!

I made these two ornaments by free-hand embossing copper and lighter duty blue foils. The paper heart is a page from an old book on opera plots that I distressed the hell out of then rubbed with a cold wax I tinted to match. The flowers are layered from five different frothy fabrics. And beads were added because that's how I roll.

These boho beauties hang about 8" tippy top to dangly bottom.

Mixed Media Blue Foil Vintage Paper Heart Ornament
More info at: www.etsy.com/shop/PegasaurusArt

Your comments really are appreciated: allycepsilva@gmail.com

Monday, March 28, 2016

Visit With Flowers

Mixed Media Embroidered Textile Collage Visit With Flowers
Farting around with fabric scraps leftover from a just finished project eventually led to this. Cotton perles and embroidery flosses jumped in and then came the "me-too" beads. What're busy fingers to do?

Should I point out how Visit With Flowers is bit of word play - you can visit a garden or you could visit someone else with blooms in hand.

This collage measures 8" x 10" so it fits in a standard frames. See how nicely it settles into the barnwood frame below.

Mixed Media Embroidered Textile Collage Visit With Flowers, detail-a

Mixed Media Embroidered Textile Collage Visit With Flowers, detail-b
I'd be delighted to make another one of these (but not exactly or it'd lose the spontaneous feel) so if you're interested....or just want to comment, go here: allycepsilva@gmail.com.