Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Why Travel

This is an artist book that opens out into a tea light candle shade! Words like 'adventure' and 'romance' are cut out so light can shine through. No matter which side you look at (including the inside) there's mixed media collage and even embroidery. It can be set out anywhere and when necessary, even folded. I used three battery-operated tea light candles for a powerful glow at night.

Monday, December 9, 2013

My Little Souvenir Book

How to create a momento of a special trip rather than a painstaking travelogue? What mattered more to me was a way to create a shorthand of "mental landmarks" that would tickle the memory rather than recreate the journey for others (unless they volunteer!) And so I collaged the paper ephemera I collected in Chile to make a background for an accordion-folded book. After painting and stamping randomly I scribbled down some phrases and observations that held a personal significance.
My take-aways: Golden Fluid Acrylics are a bright delight. Stamping with found objects is quite satisfying. The accordion-fold format is marvelously flexible: something to see on both sides, displayed on a variety of flat surfaces, and easy to send or store.