Thursday, January 30, 2014

Gettin' Scrappy

The holidays and houseguests took me out of the Art Zone for quite awhile, but I've plunged into a new project: a scrap quilt! The large plastic tote box of fabric scraps set aside for some day has been ripped open and to put it mildly, organized. What you see here is the first round of piecing blocks. My "m.o." is to make a series of strips of varying widths and link them together to make a quilt top. I think the non-specific pattern is named, Lazy Gal. It'll be a feast of color and pattern. While I am machine-piecing it, I plan to hand-quilt namely because I enjoy the physical process.

My inspiration to just go for it - as yes I am quite aware and capable of precise design - stems from  African-American quilts I've seen in museums and in books. The exuberance and improvisation they show are deeply inspiring. These ladies (and even some gentlemen) un-self-consciously sewed up some awesome. And while my circumstances are different, I can't resist trying to be so creative.