Thursday, August 28, 2014

Pumpkins Spice It Up

Bounty Paper Cut Harvest I Series
 I am mad for pumpkins! They are my favorite autumn decoration, carved or not. And since I've been on a tear lately for paper cut art it seemed fitting that the voluptuous Cucurbita pepo be the vehicle for celebrating the harvest. In my first series I am "decorating" each fantasy pumpkin with a Celtic knot which for me is a symbol of the perpetual  cycle of life and death. It is also my nod to Halloween and its precursor, Samhain, which vividly mark the change of seasons. To emphasize my theme I have sewn the word 'harvest' or one of its synonyms: plenty, abundance, and bounty. All the other decorations whether multi-colored ink splatters, buttons, paper punched edges, or contrasting foundation fabric contribute to the festive atmosphere. These four paper cuts are 5"x 7" and show best in a simple white frame.

Harvest Paper Cut Harvest I Series

Abundance Paper Cut Harvest I Series

Plenty Paper Cut Harvest I Series

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Say It With Flowers

Dream Flowers Accordion Fold Book/Card

Here's a portable way to display art: an accordion-fold book that opens out to show off all those juicy images. I collected prints of my first Dream Flowers series and put them on sturdy 140# acid-free watercolor paper (which measures 6"x8" folded). When wall space is limited but your eyes (like mine) yearn for more pretty pictures (like mine) this book is just the thing to plant on a tabletop or a shelf. With its words of inspiration (think of growing flowers and unbridled imagination) it also makes an extra special gift card. On the backside of each page is a delicately handwritten line about each word on the front.