Wednesday, November 26, 2014

In A Fowl Mood

Rooster 'n Hen House

Confession: I secretly like country-inspired d├ęcor - barnyards, wheat fields, calico, etc. - although as a city-born girl I should be too sophisticated, right? Phooey. Life's short, I'm owning up and following my eclectic Muse. This piece is another experiment combining paper cutting, vintage imagery, embroidery, and this time, buttons (next time, beads perhaps, we'll see). I am planning to make handmade artist's books featuring pages like this one. It would be lovely on a coffee table waiting to be thumbed through again and again.

Thursday, November 13, 2014


Psych - no furniture here! Actually "couch" refers to a technique whereby threads (yarn in this case) are layed on top of fabric and tacked in place with other thread. This piece is an experiment of layered sheer and semi-opaque fabrics combined with couched yarns and simple embroidery. Frankly the soft colors don't show well here despite my best efforts with photo editing. However I'm quite satisfied with the basic idea - color and texture that invite touch.

Thursday, November 6, 2014


My most recent mixed media journal entry. I hope the colors read delicate rather than somber as it was a delight to create. A few ideas came fluttering into my head, nudging me this way and that. Tried to not try beyond a willingness to give what ever inklings a go.
Been experimenting quite a bit lately just to answer a list of questions in my head - what happens if.... The results may not be readily apparent - it was as much exercises of what won't work as what might. And here I'll include another journal entry that gave me a bit of satisfaction:

Pumpkins Chiffon
You would be correct in concluding I have a "thing" for pumpkins.