Monday, June 1, 2015

"You Are Here"

Arrowhead 1902, mixed-media banner

Arrowhead 1971, mixed-media banner

Living in a town called Lake Arrowhead can inspire some obvious art. Especially if you want to make local souvenirs for a local gallery, Treasures & 'Tiques. The lake itself is manmade and was named after a nearby landslide in the shape of a ginormous -- you guessed it! That's a good enough excuse for me to design and carve my own arrowhead stamps (there's four total). Additional sleuthing yielded regional maps recorded through the decades, shown here are 1902 and 1971. (Can you spot the big difference?!) These little guys measure 4x6 not including the beads and hanging loops. By the way, the sticks are locally-sourced from the banks of the lake itself.