Thursday, July 30, 2015

"You Are (Still) Here"

Arrowhead 1956, mixed-media banner

Arrowhead 1996, mixed-media banner
The last two of my Lake Arrowhead souvenir set of four. Of course they were available individually, and of course, I'm now making more - because they've already sold out to local gallery, At The Cabin!  For those not able to make the mountain drive, I will also offer these at my Etsy store, PegasaurusArt.
While these are crafted in honor of my rural town, they're made to fit in anywhere a rustic touch is welcome. Each of the hand-carved stamps are my own design, and the topographical maps are all of this region but of different decades. The banners measure 4x6 exclusive of the beads and hanging loops. The sticks, if you care to know, are from the local lakeshore. And lightly sanded. And stained.