Monday, October 26, 2015

Two For Joy

Harvest Crow, mixed-media textile collage

Circling around a crow theme here. Happened because I wanted to stamp real oak leaves on layered scraps but also wanted to play with a new variegated perle cotton thread so an organizing principle had to be invented. Hence the doodle bird embroidery. And another page in the art journal.
This isn't over.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Problem Child

Crow Is, mixed-media collage
It usually starts off like this: dithering around with scraps while working on an unfinished something else and then the damn pile takes on a life of its own. Not smoothly mind you. After the first "what if" and the second "let's try", I got annoyed enough to move onto "what the hell".

This time I attacked with a paint brush. Repeatedly. Beads and floss were wielded.
And then the words finally came. And Crow settled in. Nestled in a barnwood frame.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Silly Scary Pump'd Kin

Pump'd Kin, mixed-media artist book
Who says Halloween decorations need to be purple, orange and black? These little handmade 3"x3" books fold out and can be placed anywhere a splash of fun and color is needed. I was inspired by the crazy anticipation of Halloween we all felt as kids. (When November roles around and the candy is gone they can be folded up and kept handy for next year.) Dare I say it - they'd make a cool little hostess gift too.

Pump'd Kin, mixed-media artist book, detail-a

Pump'd Kin, mixed-media artist book, detail-b