Monday, March 28, 2016

Visit With Flowers

Mixed Media Embroidered Textile Collage Visit With Flowers
Farting around with fabric scraps leftover from a just finished project eventually led to this. Cotton perles and embroidery flosses jumped in and then came the "me-too" beads. What're busy fingers to do?

Should I point out how Visit With Flowers is bit of word play - you can visit a garden or you could visit someone else with blooms in hand.

This collage measures 8" x 10" so it fits in a standard frames. See how nicely it settles into the barnwood frame below.

Mixed Media Embroidered Textile Collage Visit With Flowers, detail-a

Mixed Media Embroidered Textile Collage Visit With Flowers, detail-b
I'd be delighted to make another one of these (but not exactly or it'd lose the spontaneous feel) so if you're interested....or just want to comment, go here:

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

The Kiss

Embroidered Photo Romantic Couple
Some painter dude named Gustav Klimt really nailed it. I'm just going fall in behind him and salute the romance of kissing couples. Since these young people are known to me, I don't want to make it any weirder for them. I just wanted to immortalize this sweet smartphone capture with a little digital special effects, some embroidery and a trinket on a rustic fabric background.

Embroidered Photo Romantic Couple, detail-a

Embroidered Photo Romantic Couple, detail-b
I'm showboating here to advertise that I could work this magic for someone else's dearly beloved. Prob should mention the 3x5 photo is mounted at 5" x 7" for easy framing. Like one could buy a cute little frame for a reasonable amount.

Your comments are most appreciated!

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Artist's Best Friend

Embroidered Photo Dog On The Beach

Photo of a photo - doesn't do it justice. Bear with me. My inspiration came from our eternal puppy, Jasper, looking like Nobody's Dog after a romp at the beach. Fiddling around with a photo editing program to tart up the color scheme, etc. on my smartphone yielded this little gem. Wasn't going to leave it at that, so I adhered a print to fabric, layered it on even more rustic-y fabrics, then free-form embroidered in blue cotton perle. The bottle cap - well, jewel of the crown in my eyes.

Embroidered Photo Dog On The Beach, detail-a

Embroidered Photo Dog On The Beach, detail-b
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