Tuesday, August 2, 2016

You Had Me At Taffeta

Taffeta, mixed media journal page
In case the world really does end soon (say November 8, 2016), why wait any longer to pry open my vault of precious vintage ephemera.  And throw in a sense of humor while I'm at it because my default is to take things way too seriously.

Since this is an experiment it's headed for the art journal, but I can see possible a whole artist's book full of irreverence and just maybe a little piquancy.

My aim, my technique: play off a found image (old or new, such as from a magazine, catalog, etc.) with fabric scraps, stitching (machine or hand, usually both), buttons and/or beads, and layered onto a painted background (book pages being a personal fave).

Alternate title: Hand-Smocked, Bitches!