Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Art Grows On Trees

A Leaf In The World, encaustic mixed media collage
We all know that Mother Nature is the original artist. She works in all mediums in all sizes. So while I won't take credit for this leaf per se, I am happy to highlight one of her creations. While browns and taupes aren't electric, the subtle mottling is a treasure. How nice to be so naturally clever!

To let the leaf take center stage I started with a vague world map tissue napkin. Then I added soft gold and orange sheers to deepen color and a more opaque burgundy scrap to anchor the bottom field. Coating melted beeswax (encaustic paint) to each layer creates translucent depth, and a final rub with rusty oil paint highlights its pocked and wavy texture.

A Leaf In The World, encaustic mixed media collage, detail
Since I was working on a shallow canvas panel instead of cradled panel, I chose to 'frame' this piece by mounting it on a distressed and stained wooden board. Frankly I think it adds to organic feel and really makes the painting pop.

A Leaf In The World, encaustic mixed media collage, mounted

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Stitch Happy Grow Happy

Grow Happy mixed media artist book
Just went to town on making these four panels chock full of color and texture. The guiding principal was exuberance - and an excuse to sew myself silly. Seriously, I find needlework to be meditative with the kantha stitch (those parallel rows of straight stitch) bringing on a state of a zen.

Grow Happy mixed media artist book, detail

Each page of this accordion folded book is 6" x 6" so it stretches out to 24". Of course it would show best displayed on a table or shelf. (Doubt not - the backside is gently decorated too.) And the covers are sturdy textured and painted mat board.

Grow Happy mixed media artist book, backside