Thursday, October 27, 2016

Leaf Geekery

Fall, encaustic mixed media collage
Fall is my favorite season because leaves yield their lovely shades of emerald to an explosion of russets, ochres, and umbers. And in such random patterns too! It would seem no two are alike, and so each inspection reveals a new delight.

Like many, I can't resist collecting a few of these beauties. And here I present one such specimen - delicately mottled in grey and silver brown. Very subtle. How to lure you in for a closer look though. By saturating the background in a gradation of green, yellow, and orange. Symbolic of the progression from Spring to Autumn, from forest to sunshine.

Fall, encaustic mixed media collage, detail-a

Beeswax or rather encaustic wax (which is beeswax simmered with damar resin for better wear) is my go-to for showcasing natural elements. It seems appropriate, giving depth and texture that are further highlighted with random flecks of color.

I hope that this for you occasions a thoughtful mood, a slowing down to savor one of Nature's many seasonal gifts.

Fall, encaustic mixed media collage, detail-b

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Be Of Good Chair

Posture, mixed media journal page

So I'm eccentric - I like chairs. They appeal to my inner vegetable, the potato. I like parking my ass in a (hopefully) comfortable spot and observing life and it goes without saying, making art too!

This was a fun experiment to play with eye candy magazine pictures without making an image transfer. I instead  mucked around with gesso and colored pencils. Not so many details accidentally lost to The Process.

Seriously you don't need me to explain the rest. I like an excuse to use pretty fabrics, distress vintage paper, practice basic calligraphy, bead, and of course sew by machine and embroider by hand.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Circus Time!

Creepy Clown Postcard
Just a reflection of the times we live in.

This one's for the art journal. I wanted to experiment directly sewing a magazine pic into a collage rather than making a dry gel image transfer. Still used gesso then paint to work it into the background. I'm pleased with the rough layered effect because of the way it catches color. The stamping and hand stitching seemed the right way to round out the mood.