Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Mr Corvid I Presume?

Mr Corvid, mixed media textile collage, detail

I don't have enough never-seen Christmas-themed artwork to trot out all season long so in the meanwhile I will introduce my newest crow - Mr Corvid. These birds and the folk tales that surround them really catch my fancy. They're seemingly wise and naughty. I like that, I wanna be that.

Mr Corvid, mixed media textile collage, framed

I started with an old filled-in crossword puzzle layering on and scraping off paint before stamping with my hand carved puzzle pieces.  The polka dot fabric, one of my go-to faves with its soft cream and brown, created the perfect light-hearted "frame". The stitching - both machine and hand - make wonderful touchable marks - adding texture without too much distraction.

I like the adding of whimsical wording - hopefully not cloying - just amusing. I find it appealing in both folk art and modernist pieces. It's conversational. And I like chatting with people so there you go.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Pieces Of Mind

Susan's Sunflower, detail
Here's my wine - I cross-stitch to relax and keep my fiddly fingers happy when I'm watching television. Sometimes I absolutely crave it.

The scene: a dear lady, hopefully my daughter's future in-law, had a stunning bunch of chocolate sunflowers in her cheerful yellow kitchen. I. Love. Chocolate. Sunflowers. And these happened to have been home grown by the gentleman half of the hopeful future in-laws. As you can deduce I have a double-fisted attachment to these little beauties.

The photo itself of course was nice and crispy in showing the shadow play on the back wall. I played with this in Photoshop to make it more impressionistic before I fed it through another computer program that pixelates just for eager "diy" cross-stitchers. (PC Stitch rocks!) The end size is roughly 6" x 8". I ran out of room on my canvas so unfortunately some potentially clarifying detail is missing.

Susan's Sunflower
Very please to have this completed and hanging in my own home. But I feel a little bereft as I need another cross-stitch project for occupational therapy. My dream project has yet to be put to pattern, and because of the sheer size it will take several years. Better start soon - not getting younger!!

Friday, November 11, 2016

Carrying On

53, encaustic mixed media collage
Like many, I'm a bit out of sorts lately due to our historic presidential election. Lots of intense emotion to contend with. A part of me though is clamoring to shake it off, step back, and let time work its magic of softening the edges.

This is where art/Art comes in. This piece, 53, was inspired by one of my favorite numbers. Sounds kinda silly but I know there are others who have them too. Anyways, it so happens I reached the ripe age of 53 last month which prompted some self reflection. Got me thinking of life's ups and downs we all go through, and that if we're lucky, despite the bumps and bruises, we keep showing up and carry on. Hopefully even thrive - because dammit, we just plain want to.

53, encaustic mixed media collage, detail

How it came together: I had a close-up photo of  the number 5 painted on a wonderfully weathered train locomotive. I stenciled in paste the number 3. I layered this on a collage of paper doilies and stamped fish. Paint was applied then wiped off so it would settle mostly in the grooves. I added a sail of delicate fabric scrap. And then went at the whole thing with encaustic paint (melted beeswax and damar resin). More paint was rubbed in to highlight that beautiful uneven texture. Finally I nailed it (!) to an old weathered board (which I helped along).

Whether or not you're thinking of years accumulated I hope you enjoy that an imperfect journey is a thing to behold and continue.