Thursday, December 8, 2016

Warm Saguaro Fuzzies

Thanksgiving, mixed media journal page
On the road inspiration: three generations camping in the Arizona desert waiting for Black Friday. Because that means - wait for it - (leftover) turkey tacos! Meticulously prepared, deep fried under the stars, wearing our jackets zipped up.

This page was started while there with leftovers as well - random fabric scraps collected into a baggie and tucked into a shoebox of floss and cotton perle. It's relaxing to sit in a family chat circle with a little piece work to keep my fingers busy and out of the chip bag.

Once home I tea-stained a map handed out by park staff, painted it with number stencils (messier than desired), then pasted onto a bright paint-scraped page in the art journal.

I find I really like having just a box of stuff - limited but not predetermined - to invent from. So often I want to stitch without having a particular plan or project. Not an easy thing for a control freak.