Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Jarron Con Gato

Jarron Con Gato, textile collage

Still Life - every artist has at least one in their ouevre. No home should be without.  And since painters needn't have all the fun - here's my sewn tableau.

Jarron Con Gato, textile collage, detail-a

No deep symbolism here.  More like guilt, pure and simple as the inspiration struck while trying to sneak some new unnecessary fabric into an overflowing stash. (The lovely patterned blue used for the vase/jarron.) I had been wanting to play with stitching figures & objects onto overlapping fabric patches versus adding them separately as in applique. I could then use embroidery - and beads, and buttons of course -  to texturize and hopefully pull together the different elements.

Jarron Con Gato, textile collage, detail-c

Am pleased with my rudimentary efforts and look forward to more exploring of the techniques here. It's downright fun to audition different types of fabric - wovens, sheers, calicos - and play with different threads and stitching styles - thick, thin, machine, hand - and then dive into the touchy-feely realm of beads and buttons.

The collage measures 8" x 10" so it fits into a standard frame but I've also included a removable dowel inside a handing sleeve on the back so it can hang directly on the wall.

Now available in my Etsy shop: https://www.etsy.com/listing/545861731/folk-art-still-life-vase-with-cat-mixed?ref=shop_home_feat_4

Monday, July 24, 2017

Sunny Mum!

Sunny Mum!, textile collage

Went all out when I happened upon a plastic chrysanthemum on the roadside. Would this work for "nature printing"? Well, kinda'. Using yellow acrylic paint and pressing it onto fabric and also onto paper did make a halo of marks - bright, blobby ones, just not very identifiable. So I pencil sketched the petal pattern as a guide for free-motion machine stitching. I have to say I really like this loose sketchy style. It's me; I'm sketchy.

Sunny Mum!, textile collage, detail-a

To carry on this casual look, especially as this print was done on a tea-stained muslin scrap, I layered it on top of coffee-stained yellow fabric squares (they began eye-squintingly bright). Similarly I weathered the blue plaid fabric - a little walnut stain, a little 120 grit. But the embroidery floss and cotton perles maintained their original hues.

Sunny Mum!, textile collage, detail-b

As this is roughly 8'1/2" x 8-1/2", it could technically be framed in a standard square frame but I felt it would display quite well hanging from a stick, a painted and sanded stick. It carries on that rustic flavor.

This is now available in my Etsy shop: https//:etsy.com/shop/PegasaurusArt.

Friday, June 9, 2017

Mod About You

Mod Mad, mixed media artists book, detail-a

For all its sleekness, Mid-Century Modern lends itself well to folk art. I love all those imaginative patterns -- no getting hung up on the strictly figurative. Asymmetry and uneven shapes are perfectly acceptable company to keep.

So I drew up my own shapes (and stamps, see below) and cut them out of decorative printed paper. For the graphic line work I used stitch in heavier embroidery thread. My canvas was lightly paint scraped dictionary pages (coincidentally Swedish! a nod to the Scandinavian influence) layered on bright synthetic fabric. Buttons were sewn on to tie them together - and to delight all those touchy-feely types.

Mod Mad, mixed media artists book, detail-c

The size is 6" x 8" closed, and 24" wide when fully stretched. The covers are chipboard sheathed in cream and brown polka dot fabric. Nice and sturdy too so the book can be displayed upright.

Mod Mad, mixed media artists book, detail-e
I must say I am quite tickled about the stamps I made. It tells me I need to really explore this avenue further.

This is now available in my Etsy shop: https://etsy.com/shop/PegasaurusArt

Sunday, May 28, 2017

A Dog's Lunch

A Dog's Lunch Journal, 3rd edition

They're back! The third edition of my funky-ass mixed media journals are here. I call them A Dog's Lunch because they are collection of curated and distressed papers randomly arranged (like our brains) and sprinkled throughout with a variety of envelopes and...original collages by yours truly.

I say this is the third edition because I prepare them in limited quantities - four - plus, they are roughly organized around a theme - in this case, butterflies. I make what I would want to have as an artist: so some truly blank, blank pages (creamy smooth bond) and a bunch of other treated sheets that bypass the intimidating sea of white.

A Dog's Lunch Journal, page detail -a

Techniques include laminating with tissue and deli papers (and light sanding to knock back too much texture), painting with gesso and/or acrylic washes, and embellishing with fancy corner and edge paper punches, stamps (butterflies), and paper cut-outs (yup, butterflies). Pages of uneven heights are gleaned from junk mail and vintage books - Swedish dictionary, opera synopses, encyclopedic compendium, and snipped from maps - National Geographic, topographic fishing, road atlas.

There're a few envelopes in different sizes, even a flamboyant Chinese New Year gift envelope. And to corral even more loose stuff there are several taffeta covered double-sided pockets.

A Dog's Lunch Journal, page detail -b

Three original butterfly-themed collages are included because no book is fun without pictures.

The journals are 6" x 8" not including the O-wire binding. There are 116 "blank" pages. Now available in my Etsy shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/PegasaurusArt

Monday, May 8, 2017

Delicate Yet Tenacious

A Middle Of Somewhere, mixed media textile collage, detail-a

A camping trip to Joshua Tree inspired this art journal page. Because of heavy winter rains, the desert was fabulously a-bloom. I was fascinated by even this tiny, tiny guy barely peeking out of the gravel of our campsite. So fresh despite the pounding sun and whipping winds.

I had it firmly in mind to contrast the delicate pink with the grains of decomposing monzograntite. And I had to incorporate the rusty bottle cap found just a few feet away. Rusty anything seems to pique my attention and it naturally (to me at least) suggested the sun. Once home the teabag and the denim fell into place as did a square from the much folded and re-folded park map.

The numbers are the GPS coordinates. Because while space may seem to go on and on, I stood happily anchored at that spot. This was not Nowhere.

A Middle of Somewhere, mixed media textile collage

Years ago the Western deserts cast a spell on and claimed me for their own. Apparently I'm in good company recognizing their seemingly spare but intense beauty. This experimental fabric piece is a souvenir of some delightful emotion.

As always, I invite you to browse around the Etsy shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/PegasaurusArt

Monday, April 24, 2017

Set Your Intention

Prayer Flag Ornaments, mixed media collage

As a fan of writing out goals, of chanting personal affirmations, of whispering to stars in the night sky I took to the idea of prayer flags as another way to "set my intention" and invite the energy and guidance I need to help bring it about. Not to say that our endeavors can be boiled down to just wishing hard enough, but first a seed's gotta be planted, right?

Prayer Flag Ornaments, mixed media collage, detail-1

These 2" x 3" pockets have a slit in the back so little notes, Chinese fortunes, coins and such can be tucked inside. Friendly talismanic elements - buttons, beads, butterflies, glitter, fabric scraps, and Mexican loteria cards - have been attached to create a cocoon of positive energy. My fellow Airy Fairies, I hope it won't seem too silly but I meditated over each and every one with sincere goodwill - blessing - from my heart to yours.

Prayer Flag Ornament, mixed media collage, detail-2

I made several dozen because they're addictive - positive vibes will do that. No two are alike though. They are available in my Etsy shop: etsy.com/shop/PegasaurusArt

Believing is Seeing.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017


Transpiration, mixed media artists book

About eight years or so ago I made this print from a giant leaf I found where I was living in Guadalajara. There were thousands of them really. But then what? The damn thing is a 12" x 18" sheet of (acid free!) manila construction paper. And so it waited ever so patiently because I knew eventually just the right inspiration would strike. It did once I stumbled into the world of bookmaking. This is an example of an "oxbow" binding - basically folded in half lengthwise then into fourths the other way with a slit in the middle two "pages" so it pops open and stays upright.

Transpiration, mixed media artitsts book, detail-b

How to augment those lovely networks of veining without disguising them. With embroidery floss of course. In different shades of rust, burnt orange, and tan - because that's what I like and it went well with the creamy yellow cast of the paper. I had a very firm vision of the teal and aqua french knots snuggling up to leaf's edge as it provides a delightful contrast in color and texture.

Transpiration, mixed media artists book, detail-a

As blue often suggests water it made sense to call this Transpiration- "the process where plants absorb water through the roots and then give off water vapor through pores in their leaves".

Will be listed in my shop. Stop for a visit at:

Tuesday, March 28, 2017


Saint Phocas, mixed media collage

A good person can really piss off bad people. Doubt I have much to worry about. Apparently Saint Phocas did but wasn't phased that he was a thorn in the side of the Emperor Diocletian what with aiding persecuted Christians. He even offered his legendary hospitality to the Roman soldiers sent to kill him although they didn't realize who he was at the time. (About 303 A.D.) When they learned his identity they were ready to lie to the boss. But Saint Phocas insisted, at peace with who he was (a Golden Rule practicing Christian) whatever the consequences - and he certainly wasn't going to risk these soldiers' job security. So yes he did take his creed seriously but not himself. (Reference: gallows humor)

Saint Phocas, mixed media collage, detail-d

This subject became rather than arrived fully fledged. Ironically it began as monkeying around with a creepy clown picture from a AAA Roadways magazine. Wasn't working so as I kept noodling with the paint, this somber visage appeared. Not scary, not sad necessarily. It needed counterbalancing - yellow flowers of course. It also needed an identity. With those stitched arches reminding me of halo's, I turned to the internet for a little 'saintly' research.

Saint Phocas, mixed media collage, detail-b

Saint Phocas is my man. He's a patron saint of hospitality and gardening. And as he was happening just before the rise of Emperor Constantine he does have that rather stern visage of Byzantine iconography. The pieces fell into place and now, a quiet little piece on living purposefully.

Will be listed in my shop. Stop for a visit at:

Monday, March 20, 2017

Of Knots & Loose Ends

Knots & Loose Ends, mixed media collage

An inevitable tension we've all experienced - feeling in knots, at loose ends. Do we mull it over more or act; how do we protect ourselves while revealing vulnerabilities.

Was not thinking these thoughts as I was creating this! Often a piece is made to explore combinations of materials - I like this and I like that - how can I put them together in an interesting way.

Knots & Loose Ends, mixed media collage, detail-1

I love to stitch. It's touchable mark-making. That's my excuse to bliss out and get lost in a rhythmic poke and pull. And then I have a souvenir full of color and texture.

But it's supposed to mean something, right? or at least have a point of departure for wondering minds. I like that last part - I don't want to play 'Gotcha' where the viewer either "gets it" like an in-joke or not. My intention is more a nudge or a spark for one to explore their own imagination.

Here it occurred to me that there's some tension and energy amongst the threads - some dangling loose, others tightly coiled, and still others just trying to cover ground. Much like our thoughts.

Plan to list in my shop at some point. If you'd like to see other pieces, please come by:

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Boxed In

Boxed In, mixed media textile collage

This photo was actually an image transfer "fail" that got squirreled away in my Miscellaneous/This Could Be Cool Someday box. (Actually I have several.) After being passed over for couple years, she finally declared herself Ready For Her Close-up. All because a torn scrap of window screen made an ultimatum. Don't ask.

It's out of my hands sometimes what winds up in my hands. This doll face was copied from an ancient coffee table book I've treasured since childhood. (And frankly she's shown up in another piece of mine some time back: "Deposition" /photos.google.com/album/AF1QipOkB6mp-F8p6Nf-kVhnlHrhv96Gqww1CSnRfwRb/photo/AF1QipMeFu-z-k-QfWerUQkuBIHQrD5NzuOpKNbK4gjJ ) I tried to be spontaneous and 'quick' but my fingers preferred to fuss over french knots and cross-stitches. Kinda' boxed myself in so to speak - it's a challenge to make embroidery look dashed off yet thoughtful.

Boxed In, mixed media textile collage, detail

Not yet listed. I was thinking of saving this to combine with other individual pieces into an artists book. But I may just set her loose to see what happens. It depends on hauling out the tripod and studio lights to make it official.

In the meanwhile have a look around:

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Easter Promise

Promise, mixed media artist book, detail

Couldn't think of a clever title for this post - I'm trotting out more eggs, and if you remember the last time what with the polka dots and egg salad... This go-round is "serious" but in a totally good news sort of way. A thoughtful, lovely decoration for Easter that hearkens to what this holiday means for those of the Christian persuasion.

Hopefully I'm not stepping on any toes here - my focus is on the message of rebirth and renewal. A beautiful concept no matter whose church or temple or mosque's doors you choose to walk through. Eggs make an elegant symbol for that (regardless of pagan origins). Come, celebrate, ALL ARE WELCOME at this table.

Promise, mixed media artists book, full spread

Back to nuts and bolts. The eggs and final background layer are made from scrapbooking papers onto which are sewn a patchwork of glitzy fabric scraps. I used both free-motion machine stitching (because I like its wobbly, spontaneous look) and more careful embroidery with silver thread. Each of the pages are titled: Risen, Reborn, Renewed, Rejoice. Beads add nice extra sparkle, and I also like running my fingers over them. The backside has several designer paper eggs sewn on. And the covers are layered with white and off-white scaps sewn down grid fashion.

Promise, mixed media artists book, cover

This is now offered in my Etsy and Handmade at Amazon shops, as well as Illumnio:

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Spark It

Spark It, mixed media textile collage

My heart candle started off as a vague 'what if' session of scrap play. Once the basic idea sifted out I challenged myself to push the embroidery but relax. Think of the wonderful people in my life and translate those warm fuzzies into stitches. Lots of them. Lots of pleasurable poke and pull colorful stitches. And then add beads. Because sparkly stuff is pretty too.

Although this was not intended for someone in particular I do plan to try it as a reproducible picture for cards. Which means trotting out the tripod-mounted camera and 5500K studio lights. That'll be awhile.  I'd rather just sew another one or 10 of these.

Eventually it'll live in the fabric book I have in mind as a catch all for textile collages not meant for splashy wall display. Quiet pieces that one can cozy up with while sipping tea and daydreaming.

Here's where to have a look around:

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Cracking Good Times

Crazy Good Egg Salad, mixed media artists book, partial open

Artists like to get silly too - at least this one does. Word play inspired me to make these four eggs  and combine them into a concertina bound book. Go ahead and roll your eyes, there are: Egg Citing, Egg Zalted, Egg Cellent, and Egg Zemplary, It's not specifically "Easter" but when else does one trot out egg-themed decor. If we can have rabbits cavorting in flowered hats, we can have a breakfast food tarted up with sequins.

Crazy Good Egg Salad, mixed media artist book, full spread

Each panel was made on a layered fabric background (including polka dot tissue paper laminated onto fabric) while the eggs themselves were made from textured scrapbooking paper. I added free motion stitch which lent itself well to the casual fun tone. And then I topped it off with silver embossed lettering and bead studded sequin.

Crazy Good Egg Salad, mixed media artists book, cover

The book measures 6" x 8" and unfolds to 24". The cloth covered mat board covers are sturdy for upright display on a table or shelf. The papers used are acid-free.

This is now offered in my Etsy and Handmade at Amazon shops, as well as Illumnio:

Monday, February 13, 2017

Creepin' On Saint Sebastian

Saints Sebastian & Irene
When I first came across this image, I thought what a hot dude, his death scene looks kinda' sexy. So wrong. Turns out it is Saint Sebastian and he's not dying. He's being saved by the lovely Saint Irene (though he will later die violently confronting the very Emperor who condemned him the first time). It is a moving story as are all the tales of the saints. That status is never attained without unimaginable sacrifice.

I like to see what I can do with a found image (thank you, vintage Swedish dictionary), fabric scraps, and embroidery. In particular I was trying out a sandwich of paper image, ultralight fusible web, and sheer chiffon. Seems to have come out pretty well. Now it's open season on whatever printed picture I find intriguing.

Eventually these explorations will be collected in one artists book. In the meanwhile, other works are available at:

Monday, February 6, 2017

Set Me Off

Coffee Me, mixed media artist's book

A gift of Mexican coffee in retro-vibed red and white paper packaging really got me going. A paean to my favorite beverage was overdue. Something quick and spontaneous-y - like a good caffeine buzz.

I doodled on the packing paper, going over parts with free machine stitching in red and added personal observations. I layered this on polka dot fabric and alternated pages with ones of vintage bark cloth (thanks Grandma!) and rough cut coffee mugs. It's small too, 5" x 3".

Coffee Me, mixed media artist's book, detail-1

The whipped cream topper for me are the beaded ends of the binding threads. Dangles are irresistible. More are definitely in the future.

Coffee Me, mixed media artist's book, detail-2

This is now offered in my Etsy and Handmade at Amazon shops, as well as Illumnio:

Friday, January 27, 2017

Petty Theft?

Abduction From The Seraglio, mixed media journal page

Hope this isn't too obscure. It's based on a once famous opera about a lovely and betrothed Anglo miss who was kidnapped and conscripted for harem duty. Her Anglo fiancee of course kidnaps her back so they can proceed with the whole Man & Wife life plan. My little summary doesn't do justice here but those are the pertinent facts.

Seraglio means harem in case you haven't looked it up on your smartphone already. If you don't know what harems are about/for...open your mind and read. Surprise your friends.

Anyhoo, this piece started off with a lovely photo from an old, old falling apart book about operas plots and what not. I think what attracted me was the exotic word of 'seraglio'. It seemed natural to paste it onto a page of sheet music, go to town with this delicious shade of pink-y coral-y paint, and then avail myself of feminine touches like silky fabrics, lace, paper doilies, beads, and embroidery. Then my snarky mind took over and cut out letters like a ransom note just to make clear that I recognize chattel when I see it.

For the present this hasn't been listed in my shops but can be made available. It is approximately 6" x 8" and will display well in an 8 x10 frame. You are invited to view my offerings at:

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Have A Seat or Two

Transience, mixed media collage

Again with the chairs.  These are an old, old experiment of playing 'what if' with slick catalog photos and used tea bags. I was quite pleased with the contrast of modern furniture lines against the delicate mottled paper but at a loss of what to do next...and so it lie dormant in the ephemera box for years. Until recently. Then the tactile texture bug bit. It became a study in layering humble osnaberg and sheer organza, neutral creams and earthy browns, plump little x's and wobbly straight stitches, clear glass beads and iridescent paint.

Nope, no deep meaning. Chairs wait patiently, ever ready, and rear-ends come and go, leaving no trace, just passing through. Transience.

Transience, mixed media collage, detail

Transience is now available in my shops on Etsy and Handmade At Amazon:

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Rohrshach's Kitty

Gato Mojo, mixed media textile collage
My latest contribution to the venerable tradition of Cats In Art. Like last week, this is inspired by a random piece of fabric found in the street. (Astute observers will note that it is in fact the same fabric, different scrap.)

That this was a cat in profile was immediately apparent. To highlight that I machine stitched over a line drawing I made and placed on top. (And carefully picked away with tweezers.) Simple white thread was the natural complement to the established red and black palette.

I was so excited to finally use this one particular fabric of red sketchy/scratchy designs on off-white. It has some sort of modernist 50's vibe, left over from one of my grandmother's inumerable sewing projects.  It had been waiting in my stash for almost 20 years and it was so intended for this portrait. (Still have some leftover - whew!)

Gato Mojo, mixed media textile collage, detail
Threadplay. Hand embroidering the title and the 'x-es' was a given - I had a clear vision of plump perle 5 jumping off the background. It's got depth. Contrast that with machine sewing in light weight thread to make supporting but not overpowering marks. Like playing with fat and skinny markers.

But sewing's more fun to run one's fingers over.

Gato Mojo is now available in my shops on Etsy and Handmade at Amazon:

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Roar Dammit!

Lionel Found His Pride mixed media collage
I see figures in clouds, ink stains, and now fabric scraps. I found this one on the street while walking my dog so I'm already "open" to inspiration. Here it's a head with mouth open in profile.

I can't explain how I jumped from there to a technicolor lion. There was a simple desire to set off the dark red and black scrap. This fabric whistled at me from deep in the stash, and it was "on" from there. Play with line pattern, play with fabric sheen. Buttons - why the hell not. And nice bold hand embroidery for punch.

Lionel Found His Pride mixed media collage, detail-a
As for the subversive messaging here, have a field day. It's a shout out to LGBTQ and other "different" folks among us who are entitled to their voices. We're all God's children.