Friday, January 27, 2017

Petty Theft?

Abduction From The Seraglio, mixed media journal page

Hope this isn't too obscure. It's based on a once famous opera about a lovely and betrothed Anglo miss who was kidnapped and conscripted for harem duty. Her Anglo fiancee of course kidnaps her back so they can proceed with the whole Man & Wife life plan. My little summary doesn't do justice here but those are the pertinent facts.

Seraglio means harem in case you haven't looked it up on your smartphone already. If you don't know what harems are about/ your mind and read. Surprise your friends.

Anyhoo, this piece started off with a lovely photo from an old, old falling apart book about operas plots and what not. I think what attracted me was the exotic word of 'seraglio'. It seemed natural to paste it onto a page of sheet music, go to town with this delicious shade of pink-y coral-y paint, and then avail myself of feminine touches like silky fabrics, lace, paper doilies, beads, and embroidery. Then my snarky mind took over and cut out letters like a ransom note just to make clear that I recognize chattel when I see it.

For the present this hasn't been listed in my shops but can be made available. It is approximately 6" x 8" and will display well in an 8 x10 frame. You are invited to view my offerings at:

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Have A Seat or Two

Transience, mixed media collage

Again with the chairs.  These are an old, old experiment of playing 'what if' with slick catalog photos and used tea bags. I was quite pleased with the contrast of modern furniture lines against the delicate mottled paper but at a loss of what to do next...and so it lie dormant in the ephemera box for years. Until recently. Then the tactile texture bug bit. It became a study in layering humble osnaberg and sheer organza, neutral creams and earthy browns, plump little x's and wobbly straight stitches, clear glass beads and iridescent paint.

Nope, no deep meaning. Chairs wait patiently, ever ready, and rear-ends come and go, leaving no trace, just passing through. Transience.

Transience, mixed media collage, detail

Transience is now available in my shops on Etsy and Handmade At Amazon:

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Rohrshach's Kitty

Gato Mojo, mixed media textile collage
My latest contribution to the venerable tradition of Cats In Art. Like last week, this is inspired by a random piece of fabric found in the street. (Astute observers will note that it is in fact the same fabric, different scrap.)

That this was a cat in profile was immediately apparent. To highlight that I machine stitched over a line drawing I made and placed on top. (And carefully picked away with tweezers.) Simple white thread was the natural complement to the established red and black palette.

I was so excited to finally use this one particular fabric of red sketchy/scratchy designs on off-white. It has some sort of modernist 50's vibe, left over from one of my grandmother's inumerable sewing projects.  It had been waiting in my stash for almost 20 years and it was so intended for this portrait. (Still have some leftover - whew!)

Gato Mojo, mixed media textile collage, detail
Threadplay. Hand embroidering the title and the 'x-es' was a given - I had a clear vision of plump perle 5 jumping off the background. It's got depth. Contrast that with machine sewing in light weight thread to make supporting but not overpowering marks. Like playing with fat and skinny markers.

But sewing's more fun to run one's fingers over.

Gato Mojo is now available in my shops on Etsy and Handmade at Amazon:

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Roar Dammit!

Lionel Found His Pride mixed media collage
I see figures in clouds, ink stains, and now fabric scraps. I found this one on the street while walking my dog so I'm already "open" to inspiration. Here it's a head with mouth open in profile.

I can't explain how I jumped from there to a technicolor lion. There was a simple desire to set off the dark red and black scrap. This fabric whistled at me from deep in the stash, and it was "on" from there. Play with line pattern, play with fabric sheen. Buttons - why the hell not. And nice bold hand embroidery for punch.

Lionel Found His Pride mixed media collage, detail-a
As for the subversive messaging here, have a field day. It's a shout out to LGBTQ and other "different" folks among us who are entitled to their voices. We're all God's children.