Friday, September 8, 2017

Ordered Thinking

Ordered Thinking textile collage sample

How can a 4" x 6" textile sample give me such fits? Because it has to feel right before I can move on to anything else  such as another sample or a real bonafide project. (And sometimes that 'feeling right' just might mean an emphatic toss in the bin. But that would entail a bit more angst, and fortunately the Muse sneezed in my direction -- so I saw a way forward.)

The crux of the problem was this little fabric scrap I stamped in boxes of blue and pink. How to add interest with stitch - just for practice.  No great expectations.  Except I can be a dog with a bone. Never mind the blow by blows of what about this, what about that. My "story" here is that these boxes reminded me of my own categories of thought -- areas that have yet to be resolved (not completely sewn around), while others are non-negotiable (enclosed). The little gems of beads are epiphanies of a sort. The sun or life force radiates its energy fueling existence as time marches on.

Wow, certainly wasn't planning to make some ontological statement. In my own muddled way I hope others can relate to this thinking about thinking. (Like looking at a a series of reflections in two mirrors facing each other.) Some may just conclude that it's a pointless exercise in navel-gazing.

And that's okay too because frankly I get irritated with having to "get it" in order to get it. What I hope is that I have entertained with the blue and pink textures of fabrics, beads, threads, and stitching.

PS I may actually turn this little textile fluffery into a mini hanging collage with a delicate beaded bottom fringe. If it speaks to you, let me know. In meanwhile other one of a kind pieces can be found in my Etsy shop: