Friday, April 20, 2018

A Dog's Lunch Redux

A Dog's Lunch Journal, Butterfly Travel Edition

Ohmylord, there're a plethora of heirloom quality handmade journals out there - the kind you shouldn't spill coffee on. These don't compete. They're for down and dirty recording of your passions - furtive sketches, irreverent observations, and hasty garnerings.

A Dog's Lunch Journal, Butterfly Travel Edition, detail-a

These may look familiar and indeed they are. They came out last year, but I have just given them a major makeover - tricking them out with charms and danglies, gilding page borders, stamping out suggestive prompts and images, and even protecting the covers with metal corner edges. (Did you notice the butterfly imprinted wax seal on the front?!)

A Dog's Lunch Journal, Butterfly Travel Edition, detail-b

These elements are fun, even grunge-y but not so precious that they demand clean hands and a noble mind. My motive was to enhance the inner & outer journey theme of these "blank" workbooks. Each page is a point of departure.

A Dog's Lunch Journal, Butterfly Travel Edition, detail-c

Speaking of pages, there are 116 of them plus three envelopes and three double-sided pocket pages. I handmade just four of these 6" x 8-1/2" journals, so while they have similar types of elements and formatting, no two are identical.

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