Sunday, July 29, 2018

Feel The Heat

Desert, Late Spring, mixed media textile collage

My take on the transition from tender Spring greenery to that intense Summer heat found in the desert (and seemingly everywhere right now from my vantage point of late July!) As I live in the arid region of Southern California, I feel a mild dread of what's to come - the record-breaking high temps that zap all my energy. The landscape cries thirst.

Desert, Late Spring, mixed media textile collage, detail-a

Yet there is a sear beauty to what the sun wreaks - it has such an intense power, an incredible presence. This cycle repeated endlessly over time. That germ of thought is what came to mind when I stumbled upon this rusty metal disk. It would be the nucleus of my sun image. Old yet timeless, relentless.

It was easy enough to fall back on the cliche colors often used to clothe the sun - yellows and golds. The ochre shades well compliment the rich reddish brown of rust. They rightfully suggest energy, brightness, and warmth.

Desert, Late Spring, mixed media textile collage, detail-b

Now of course the flora found in the desert isn't that saturated green as found in the jungle - it tends toward the sage and khaki shades with plenty of silvery and ashy highlights. This against the endless palette of browns and beiges becomes a study of subtle contrasts. No splashy kodachrome shots here. The simplicity of form comes to dominance.

Desert, Late Spring, mixed media textile collage, detail-c

"Desert, Late Spring" comes mounted on an 8" x 10" canvas-y feeling dry-brushed cotton, and is available in my Etsy shop:

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