Thursday, August 2, 2018

Cafe, oui!

Le Grand Fabrezan, textile collage

While traveling overseas, I brought along a very basic art stitching kit. It consisted of denim and osnaburg scraps, a handful of perles (sizes 5 & 8) in neutrals and basic colors, plus scissors and needles. And a seam ripper. It would be a the fun challenge: what could be created with limited supplies and the occasional found object.

Le Grand Fabrezan, textile collage, detail-a

I knew I wouldn't have much time to give myself over to some big complicated project - that's what home studios are for. But I knew I would jump out of my skin if I didn't have something to sew even if only to make chicken scratches.

A little burst of inspiration came in the form of the ubiquitous cookie served with cafe au lait. I even had an affinity for the colors on the wrapper: buttercream, red oxide, and rusty orange. Why not a still life of sorts. 

Le Grand Fabrezan, textile collage, detail-b

I set to work piecing my "canvas" because I'm so taken with the look of patchwork. It adds instant texture and visual interest to the background. Then with my rudimentary drawing skills I sketched out a basic coffee cup and went over that with thread. The kicker would be the real live wrapper. And actual coffee stains for effect.

Very satisfied with my minimalist textile collage. It was completed in several days between jaunts to quaint places and periods of idle conversation. I gave it as a tiny gift to my hosts who already had purchased another (grander) piece for their collection.

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