Monday, September 10, 2018

Pear, mixed media textile collage

Street find inspiration struck again.  That this little twisted piece of metal so obviously resembled a pear meant all I had to do was flesh it out and frame. They are an unfussy fruit, a simple buxom shape coming in friendly colors of yellow and green, or even sometimes a sultry wine-ish red.

Pear, mixed media textile collage, detail-a

I wanted to play not only with layering fabrics but having a focal shape straddle them so to speak. The tension of the uneven scraps and color juxtaposition makes for a more interesting background. It also gives me springboard for experimenting with traditional embroidery stitches. While the subject (fruit) and the stitches (basic) are pretty traditional in themselves, they have been tweaked for a fresh interpretation.

Pear, mixed media textile collage, detail-b

Or so I hope. My intention isn't necessarily an avant garde rendering but a gentle twist, enough to get you to look twice and enjoy what you see. In these days and age, there's enough wall space for both kinds of art: one that challenges and one that affirms.

"Pear" is reinforced and fabric-backed, measuring 5" x 7" so it will fit a standard frame.  It is available in my Etsy shop:

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