Sunday, November 18, 2018

Hash: A Dog's Lunch

Hash: A Dog's Lunch, artists book, detail-1

 I made this book just to be fun to look at and hold in your hands - chock full of color and texture. A real page-turner so that there's something different to enjoy on each one.

I varied my imagery and techniques as intuition and whim dictated. Drawing, magazine pictures, paint, embroidery, texture pastes, buttons, stamping, etc. Because it's an opportunistic bit of this and that, I named it after one of my favorite phrases: a dog's lunch.

Hash: A Dog's Lunch, artists book

This mixed media filled-in art journal is constructed of paper-fabric, that is, paper laminated onto fabric which offers the benefits of both surfaces. Each differently sized "leaf" (single sheet when bound becomes two pages) is made from two sheets, both individually decorated, attached back to back for extra support. (Plus it hides messy thread ends.) I gathered three leaves together to make a signature (individual section of sheets folded down the middle and bound together). There are three signatures total. The fabric-encased hard covers are decorated on both sides. The binding is done with double-needle Coptic stitch (first time!), reinforced with decorative ties at the top and bottom of the spine. Measurements are: 5" tall, 4" wide, and 5-1/2" deep.

Hash: A Dog's Lunch, artists book, detail-2

Because this artist book is bursting with art, it's not meant to close down well. It wants to be open (upright or on its back) and looked at!

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